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Visit our new service of E-Publishing. Solutions for the area of Educational and School Psychology...


Organizations: 150 € + VAT/year;
Individuals: 30€ +VAT /year

1) TLPA & Pleyade. Bilingual online tool for improving the teaching-learning process, at individual and group levels. Allows any group of persons to go virtual (virtual staff, virtual department, etc.)

2) MEMO. Multilingual Educational Magazine Online is an utility in English, Spanish and French which allows pupils to become their own multilingual online editors.

3) MEM. Multilingual Electronic Magazine is a utility for publishing an online journal on any Topic, including tracking of articles, authors, reviewers, advertising, etc. Produces publications similar in format to EJREP, but for any topic area.

4) E-Assessment. Utility for performing evaluations through online response to a series of user-defined questions, with automatic calculation of results. Allows ad-hoc design of surveys, rapid response and immediate results.

Organizations: 200€ + VAT /one consultation or issue
Individuals: 50€ +VAT/ one consultation or issue

5) E-Consulting for evaluation and improvement of teaching-learning processes. Advising and tools for reflecting on and evaluating aspects of the teaching-learning process, whether these are currently adequate or needing improvement. Flexible scope: by class subjects, class groups, degree programs, etc. Involves participation from both teachers and students.

6) E-Consulting and evaluation for improving academic and professional competencies. Advising for the purpose of evaluating and improving competencies at different stages or points of time in the educational path.

7) E-Consulting and evaluation of school coexistence problems. Advising for the purpose of evaluating and improving issues relating to coexistence at school.

Organizations: 300€ +VAT/one consultation or issue

8) E-Data Analysis. Consulting and/or data analysis for your organization or for a specific issue.

9) E-Department R&D&I. Consulting and implementation of an evaluation protocol on the quality, processes and products of your R&D&I Department. Online processing.

10) E-Consulting and applying for R&D&I Projects. Advising in the application process for R&D&I Projects, whether individual- or consortia-based. Applications may be submitted in collaboration with E&P, or other entities or organizations.


Online: 600€/month + VAT;
In-person: 1000€/month + VAT + travel expenses.
Club Education & Psychology Rate.

11) Global E-Consulting. Includes all the above. Tools, consulting and innovation all within your reach.


12) Specialized Translation (per job). Translation and revision of papers, performed by experts in psychology and education.

13) E-Conference (per event). You select the topic and we will locate the best expert for you. University professors or practitioners specialized in topics of your interest. Available as an in-person event or by video-conference.

14) E-Validation of product quality (per service). We perform evaluation research on your intervention products, and certify their quality. Especially suitable for validating the effect of psychoeducational programs and materials (from any publisher).

15) E-Technology Transfer Contract (per project). We study your project and support it by certifying its interest to us technologically and commercially. This service is especially important as an endorsement of expected technology transfer in R&D&I Projects at the national and European level.

16) Master’s Degree Program in R&D & I (currently in preparation)



17) E-Journal of Research in Educational Psychology. E-journal, full text of all articles available freely. Dissemination of knowledge in the field of Educational Psychology to the entire scientific community in English and Spanish.

18) E-Publishing Series. Online publishing service, specialized in English and Spanish, for researchers and practitioners. Research reports, emerging technologies, innovation in Educational Psychology. Association with the Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology assures international visibility of your publication.


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04/09/2013: ICT2013 Vilnius 6-8 November - Open Call for Networking Sessions (Deadline 26 April 2013) [ Read more]

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