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We are an independent Technology Based Business which works in integrated management of RDI, in the fields of Educational and School Psychology.

We offer research, product development, and scientific-technological innovation for educational or psychological organizations, making these a key factor in your effectiveness and competitiveness.



• EJREP: Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology 

• MEM: Multilingual Electronic Magazine

• E-Consulting: Designing, Applying for, and Developing RDI Projects

• E-Consulting: Research and Data Analysis

• Translation: Specialized Ed Psych translation of academic, scientific, or applied texts

• E- Publishing Series
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• E&P Master's Degree Program in RDI (in process)

• E-Evaluation: Action-Emotion Style (facing stress and/or achievement situations)

• E-Evaluation: Mobbing (harassment in organizations)

• E-Evaluation: Improving the Teaching-Learning Process

• E-Evaluation: Academic & Professional Competencies

• E- Publishing Series (in process)

• E&P Master's Degree Program in RDI (in process)


• E-Consulting: Implementing an R&D Department

• E-Consulting: Real-life Problems in Educational & School Psychology

• TLPA-Pléyade: Toolset for interactive teaching and learning

• E-Consulting: Analyzing Problems and Making Decisions in Professional Practice

• E- Publishing Series (in process)

• E&P Master's Degree Program in RDI (in process)

• REMO: On-line Multilingual School Journal



09/25/2007: INTED 2008 International Technology, Education and Development Conference in Valencia (Spain) on the 3rd, 4th and 5th March, 2008. [ Read more]

09/05/2007: Electronic Democracy: Achievements and Challenges [ Read more]

08/10/2007: Coming soon... [ Read more]

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